Concrete Grinding Services in Dubai and Abu Dhabi

Damaged and dull floors are not only a sour sight but also pose risks of injuries to the employees and family members. You can fix the floors and enhance their aesthetic appeal by hiring professional concrete grinding services in Dubai. Al Raihan Rental should be your go-to contractor because of the experience and reputation we enjoy in Dubai and the other states of the UAE, including Abu Dhabi, Sharjah, Ajman, Ras-Al-Khaima, and Fajeera. We take pride in pioneering the construction and demolition industry in the UAE and offer our services to clients of all scales.

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Concrete Grinding Contractors in Dubai and Abu Dhabi – When Should You Hire One

Concrete floors become rough and dull over time which can be smoothened and leveled via concrete grinding. Concrete grinding contractors in Dubai use sophisticated machines to grind the concrete to remove layers until the surface becomes smooth and leveled. Since it removes the top layer, the stains, sealers, and coatings are also removed, enabling you to redesign the floor. Clients running tight on budget but wanting to redo their floors can hire concrete grinding services in Dubai.

You should hire Al Raihan Rental as concrete grinding contractors in Dubai to:

  • Remove tough stains from the floor
  • Remove floor coating
  • Redo floor design
  • Smoothen the floor
  • Level the floor

Benefits of Hiring Concrete Grinding Companies in Dubai

Hiring concrete grinding services from Al Raihan Rental offers several benefits, including but not limited to the following;

Enhancement of Aesthetic Appeal

Regardless of the quality or nature of the coating, it becomes dull over time and sustains stains that are not easy to remove. Concrete grinding refreshes the floor and imparts luster, making it look pristine. Furthermore, clients can pick between different levels of shine, ranging from high-gloss to matte, based on the interior design.

Improved Safety

Uneven floors can result in toenail injuries at the very least and falling accidents at worst. You cannot afford that in your house and offices, warranting you to grind the floor and improve the safety of your family and employees.

Improved Durability

Concrete grinding removes weak areas in the floor, enabling you to replace them with new material. It improves the floor’s overall strength and wears and tear endurance, thus improving durability.


Floor grinding is not a zero-carbon process but emits significantly less carbon than when you build the floor from the ground up, making it an environment-friendly and sustainable solution.

The Process of Concrete Grinding

Almost all concrete grinding companies in Dubai, including Al Raihan Rental, follow the following steps while concrete grinding;

Preparation of Surface

Before grinding concrete, the surface must be clear of all debris, coatings, and grease. Gaps and cracks in the surface are also filled in this step.


During grinding concrete grinding companies in Dubai use sophisticated equipment with diamond-topped tools to smooth the surface. Different machines are used to achieve the desired level based on the nature and the type of concrete.


Once the grinding is complete, the floor is polished with resin pads to incorporate shine. Different levels of grits can be used to get the desired luster.


After polishing the surface, it is coated with a sealant to protect it from moisture and enable easy cleaning. Chemicals used to seal the floor enhance the luster and color even more.

Why Hire Al Raihan Rental For Concrete Grinding Services in Dubai and Abu Dhabi

Al Raihan Rental is a reputed name that can be distinguished from other companies because we offer;

  • Experience
  • Sophisticated Machinery
  • All Services Under One Roof
  • Quality Polishing and Sealing
  • Affordable Packages
  • Attention To Detail
  • Services for Commercial and Residential Buildings
  • 100% Client Satisfaction Rate

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