Wire Sawing Services in Abu Dhabi and Dubai

Wire Sawing is a relatively new technique to cut concrete, but it is quick, effective, and cost-effective. Wire saws can be used in areas that are hard to access via traditional techniques without damaging the surrounding structures. As a pioneer of wire sawing contractors in Dubai, Al Raihan Rental offers wire sawing services in Dubai and the other parts of UAE, including Sharjah, Ajman, Abu Dhabi and Ras-Al-Khaima to residential and commercial clients at unmatchable prices. Our services are tailored for each project to deliver exceptional results.

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When To Hire Wire Sawing Contractors in Abu Dhabi And Dubai

Albeit a relatively new technique, wire sawing has diverse applications, including;

  1. Demolition sight
  2. Dismantling steel structure
  3. Cutting through bridges and dams
  4. Angular cuts
  5. Steel and rubber cutting
  6. Cutting circular openings
  7. Precision cuts
  8. Cutting underwater Structures and Many More

Benefits of Using Wire Saw

Wire Sawing has become a pretty popular technique in the construction and demolition industry, mainly because of the benefits it offers, which include;


Wire Sawing can reach areas that cannot be accessed via traditional techniques. It can be employed to cut on all angles in all positions. Furthermore, it can cut through more materials than traditional methods.

Silent Operations

Construction or demolition in inhabited buildings can be annoying and often result in complaints. This can be worked around with wire saws as its operation is almost silent, vibrationless, and fumeless. It is also quicker than most other concrete-cutting solutions.

Less Dust

Wire Saw creates less dust and waste, an important factor while working in a furnished apartment or building. It also makes it an ideal option for cutting through expensive materials.

Easier to Operate

Wire Saw operators do not require as much training as their counterparts who work with more heavy-duty equipment. It spares the workforce, enabling quicker delivery of the job.

Wire Sawing Companies in Dubai – What Sets Al Raihan Apart

We guarantee 100% customer satisfaction with our services and take pride in maintaining an excellent track record. Our services distinguish us from other Wire Sawing Companies in Dubai because we offer;

  • Rich experience
  • Latest equipment
  • Trained & Skilled Staff
  • Attention To Detail
  • Affordable packages
  • Services for all scales
  • Flexible scheduling
  • Tailored Services
  • 100% Client Satisfaction

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