Slab Cutting Services In Dubai and Abu Dhabi

Plumbing and underground wiring problems are pretty common in old buildings, requiring professional help to deal with them. You need to cut through the floor slab to access these components and remove the malfunctioning ones before replacing them with new ones. As a leader in the construction and demolition industry in the UAE, Al Raihan Rental offers slab cutting services in Dubai and other cities of the UAE. We strive to deliver excellent and quality services to our clients to maintain our 100% client satisfaction rate. 

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What Is Slab Cutting?

Slab Cutting is similar to wall cutting, but it involves horizontal cutting instead of vertical. Diamond-tipped equipment makes precise cuts and removes a particular section from the floor. The access is made to fix or install new plumbing pipes, add new tiles, wiring ducts, and more. 

When To Hire Slab Cutting Contractors in Dubai, Abu Dhabi

Slab Cutting has diverse applications, but clients typically hire slab cutting contractors in Dubai to;

  • Remove a specific section from the floor
  • Install new plumbing pipes
  • Install new underground electric ducts
  • Replacing bathroom floor
  • Fixing hallways and corridor floor
  • Replacing a section of floor to change the interior design

What To Look For In Slab Cutting Companies in Dubai/UAE

There are several slab cutting companies in Dubai, but to get quality services, you must look for the following features;

  • Expertise in slab cutting
  • One-stop-solution for all services
  • Affordable packages
  • Sophisticated and advanced equipment
  • Trained and skilled staff
  • No outsourcing of projects
  • Experience
  • Testimonies of previous clients

Al Raihan Rental has years of experience in the industry and maintains a track record of 100% client satisfaction which speaks for the quality of services we offer.


Where Do We Offer Our Services In The UAE?

Al Raihan Rental offers its services in all major cities of the UAE, including Dubai, Ajman, Abu Dhabi, Sharjah, Ras-al-Khaimah, Al-Ain, Khor Fakkan, and Fujairah.

Which Equipment Is Used For Slab Cutting?

A variety of equipment is used for slab cutting based on the nature and location of the slab. The most commonly used equipment is a slab saw, also known as a flat and road saw.

What Are The Applications of Slab Cutting?

Slab Cutting can be used for various applications, including replacing a specific floor section, installing new pipes and underground electric ducts, fixing old plumbing, building new bathrooms, cutting sidewalks, building structural foundations, and controlling demolitions. 

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