Floor Sawing Services In Abu Dhabi, Dubai

Al Raihan Rental is a reputed name that offers diverse construction and demolition services in UAE. We have a dedicated team specifically to offer floor sawing services in Dubai with access to highly specialized equipment. Our services are affordable and affordable for small residential complexes to giant skyscrapers. Al Raihan offers Floor Sawing services in Abu Dhabi, Dubai and other major cities of the UAE.

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Offerings by Al Raihan Rental as Floor Sawing Contractors in Abu Dhabi and Dubai

Floor Sawing is a technique to cut through concrete using the diamond cutting method. You can hire us as floor sawing contractors in Dubai to;

  • Create expansion joints: Expansion Joints are used to decrease stress induced by the movement of a structure.
  • Remove Damaged Pavement Sections: Pavement sections in the hotel’s parking, hallways, and corridors can be removed via floor sawing. 
  • Clean and Repair Cracks: Asymmetrical crack filling can compromise the aesthetics of buildings, which can be worked around by making the cut symmetrical via floor sawing.
  • Remove Concrete Sections: Some concrete sections can be tough to move from certain places, a problem that can be solved by floor sawing.
  • Demolition of building: Floor Sawing can be used to retrieve expensive tiles cleanly before demolishing the buildings.  

What Separates Us From Other Floor Sawing Companies in Abu Dhabi and Dubai

You will come across several floor sawing companies in Dubai, but none meets the benchmarks we have established at Al Raihan Rental. We offer;


We are among the pioneers of construction and demolition services in UAE and have gained rich experience. Our team understands the terrains of different parts of the state and knows precisely how to execute a particular job. 


Equipment needed for floor Sawing is expensive, which often compels small contractors to outsource their jobs. We have employed several types of floor saws, enabling us to pick one according to the nature of the terrain and concrete.

No Delays

We will finish our job before the deadlines regardless of the scale of the project. We have an in-house team of competent and trained workers and equipment to execute the job while upholding exceptional standards. 

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