Construction Equipment & Machinery Repairs Services in UAE

We provide construction equipment repair services in UAE since 2013. We repair and maintain all kinds of Petrol, Diesel, and Electric construction equipment. We have a well-trained professional team of mechanics and electricians. Our mission is to give quality construction equipment & machinery repairs services in UAE with guaranteed workmanship.

In the construction industry, as a contractor, subcontractor, or other operator, you know it is necessary to maintain low operating costs. It is important to have the right equipment. Keep in mind that the inefficient and frequently down equipment quickly eats into your profits.

We offer the finest maintenance services within a specific time period. Every equipment needs service and repairs during its lifecycle so that it maintains peak performance and reliability. For service and repairs, planned downtime minimizes standstills. Also, it helps in extending service intervals, and saves time and money. The Al Raihan Rentals are here to serve your business. We are available to suit your requirement wherever and whenever you require us, 24/7. We have well-staffed strength of technicians and engineers. They are always ready to attend calls anywhere and anytime.

Furthermore, we have highly experienced technicians that are backed by the very latest in diagnostic technologies. We always make sure to update the technical capability of the facilities.

Benefits of our services:

  • Our professional team of mechanics and electricians provide you a clear picture of the problem.
  • To fix the problem, we will provide you best advice and the best options.
  • We replace only those parts that are needed and recommended by the Principal Service instructions.
  • Knowledgeable repairs don’t damage other parts such as electrical and mechanical circuits.
  • The manufacturers use genuine parts that allow to maintain the Principal’s manufactured Product –Quality.
  • Throughout all of our repair facilities, commitment to effective contamination control procedures.
  • Effective communication and quick response.
  • Provide on-site and off-site services

Hence, Al Raihan Rentals have well-trained technicians that provide our customers construction equipment repair services in UAE in a timely manner.

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